About Adv. Ayalon Birnboim

About criminal lawyer Adv. Ayalon Birnboim

Criminal lawyer Adv. Ayalon Birnboim holds a degree  and license to practice law in Israel and in the U.S.A (New York State).

Ayalon served at the IDF for 3 years as an outstanding criminal investigator,  received certificates of appreciation for  cracking complex cases during his military service. 

Ayalon acquired experience as an attorney working for Sullivan & Cromwell located in wall street N.Y.C, and as a legal consultant for the N.Y City Hall in Manhattan as part of the Media group.

Additionally, Ayalon worked on complex criminal and civil cases as an attorney in Israel.

Ayalon has the ability and experience to help you with criminal issues such as – 

White Collar Crimes, Violence allegations , Drug offenses ,  Offenses during military service, Property offenses,Traffic Violations, Representation in various disciplinary committees, Extraditions, Deleting criminal records, Representation in detention proceedings, consultations before Questioning, Arrests proceedings and more.

Thanks to an extensive local and international experience, Ayalon deals successfully and efficiently  with a broad array of criminal and civil law matters.

Adv. Ayalon Birnboim holds a clear policy where the costumer and his best interest, always comes in top priority. 

Adv. Ayalon Birnboim speaks fluent English, resides in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan, married and has children.

Please feel free to contact Adv. Ayalon Birnboim for an initial consultation, call now – (+972)0522700149


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